imagin what your perfect house would be like

your home should be a refuge from the stresses of the outside world.
It is a place that should nurture you, calm you, please you and  indulge you- a haven of constancy and calm when all around you is unpredictable and demanding.
Providing you with a sense of belonging, it is a place where you can establish roots, grow and flourish.
While bricks and moratar in themselves can’t make you happy, a well-dessigned home that is fiied with things you love is a solid foundation on which to build a rich and rewarding life.
You don’t have to spend lots of money, follow apartical trend, adhere to any prescribed principles or strive for anyone else’s idea of perfection .
Creating a peaceful home is all about self-expression – trusting your instincts and developing your own style, whether you live in a  cottage or a castle .
All you need do is be yourself and make choices from the heart.
Spontaneity and idiosyncrasy are the secrets of success.
The first step is to imagin what your perfect house would be like – its style, size , location and atmosphere.
The second is to enhance the quality of the experience by satisfying the senses, incorporating wonderful sights , sounds , scents, tastes and textures at every opportunity.
The final step is to recognize the practialities that will turn you ideas into reality.
The three steps – the options , the senses and the basics – will accompany you as you take these steps , guiding you along the path toward a home that is more peaceful than you had ever dreamed.