10 must have smartphones coming in 2015

For all smartphone users A brief holographic projection on the 10 must have smartphones coming in 2015.
1. Windows 9 Phone: smartphones with Windows 9 will be only 64 bits and integration between mobile devices and Microsoft Office.

2. LG G Flex: Smartphone G Flex original had some features that break the ground, including the self-healing technology and flexible body. However, LG has already set a release date in the next G Flex and set to be released in the second quarter of 2015. Samsung promises to be new even more unique of a flexible display functions. No idea what will these characteristics – some sources have speculated it could be a highly flexible, able to screen 90 degrees of curvature.

3. Android Phone Silver: Silver Android will be the replacement of the Nexus line of smartphones. It is the reference service and quality sealing for all Android phones. The first Android phone money is rumored to be an LG smartphone. Perhaps the G Flex also be released next year.

4. 4K Smartphones: As the resolution of smartphones continue to improve improve the quality of video and photo increasingly evident. LG will replace the first qHD smartphone is here that the 2560 had by 1440 pixels, but it is very likely that the first full 4K resolution phone from 2015. As 4K called Snapdragon processor 805 was shown to the public.

5. holographic Smartphone: Smartphone for holographic technology has already been developed and enhanced. A holographic be designed in a smartphone. Amazon is rumored to be selling the first phone and holographic opportunities for the development of applications and video playback with holographic technology can become a great success.

6. iPhone 6: The second version of the iPhone 6 with 5.5 inches and will premiere in 2015. It is expected that the model of 5.5 inches to blur the lines between tablets and smartphones.

7. Samsung Galaxy S6: The S6 is confirmed to be released in 2015 and speculated features include flexible qHD display and a 4K camera. This will be one of the most advanced smartphones available when released.

8. Phone Transparent: This will be the first transparent phone in the world. Polytron Technology unveiled the concept of transparent phone last year. It is speculated that a transparent phone could be launched later this year, but did not. The transparent phone will be able to switch between opaque and transparent modes.

9. Flip Phone Samsung: Samsung will make its first clamshell phone debut in the world in 2015. The folding phone technology represented start in April this year. Samsung then announced that it would sell a phone to 2.015 or 2.016 fully flap flip phone lines on how smartphones should look blurry.

10. Google modular Smartphone: The idea behind the smartphone is to create a phone that looks more like a desktop computer with removable and customizable parties. One of the many benefits that I have is that life expectancy would increase exponentially phone from any piece of damaged equipment could be easily removed and the phone itself can be updated continuously as an office.

So we are waiting to catch the next year? Keep an eye on early buzz at CES 2015 for more updates on technological gadgets coming in 2015.