Do you know how to Choose healthy foods.

Some tips on buying healthy foods.
Check the size
You may believe that the goods is a single serving, but the fact that this product contains two or more servings per package, you can be fooled into thinking that this brand has calories and Suger, but you can have smaller sizes and more outnumber serve. take note of all that.


Healthy product.
A healthy product is one that must include limiting the amount of fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium in use, and requires minimum amounts of vitamins and minerals. The disadvantage is that these products may contain large amounts of sugar or artificial ingredients. Again, always check the nutrition label on the back to ensure they meet their daily needs from each food group.

Check the Nutrition Facts label on the back to ensure they meet their daily needs from each food group because healthy food is the limit must have a mountain of fat, cholesterol and sodium.

Slightly sweet.
Slightly sweet vague term means that the element contains a quantity of sugar. Your best bet is to stick to foods that sugar is reduced, because many of these products are regulated by the FDA.

Made from real fruit.
Make JUCE boxes that contain the fruits of real fruit, many contain only a small portion of fruit concentrate, so make sure you choose the juice is really based or at least fruit contains many vitamins and minerals.