Finding a place to live

If you are struggling to reconcile your love of uncluttered, minimalist interiors with the demands of a growing family,if you long to experience the country dream even thought your work ties you to the city, or if you live in a modern house but have a passion for traditional interiors, how can you find a balance?
To reduce the cultter in family home, use your ingenuity to find extra storage soultions that will keep toys and games out of sight when they are not in use.
Evenings can then become the time for the house to take on a more ordered – and, if you are very tidy – even a minimalist look.
Try to decorate rooms in plain, light colours and keep them free from unecessary ornaments and rarely used pieces of furniture. Set aside the largest bedroom for children rather thanĀ  adulst so that they have a generous amount of space as their own playroom.

new home

If you feel out of place in the city, compensate for the lackĀ  green space by planting a colourful flower-filled windobox. Noise pollution can be reduced by improving your home’s soundproofing, while the frenetic pace of life can be eased by filling the air with scent from relaxing essential oils. To brighten up the grey urban landscape outside, you could paint your walls in vibrant Mediterranean colours.
If you have anew house but kong for more old-fashioned surroundings, filling your home with reproduction furniture and fittings is not necessarliy the best solution. Instead, bear in mind that a few old things can complement new onse, softening thier lines and counteracting their perfection. An old sofa will become the focus of an otherwise plain, modern living room ; old fashioned china will look pretty against a simple white wall; antique bed linen will add character to a modern divan; and a scrubbed pine table will echo another age even in ahigh-tech kitchen.
when you find this sort of balance, compromise is easy to live with. the secret is not to take any particular style too literally, but to go for a “taster” of the look you want. Something is always better than nothing